Experiencing Science and Math in Early Childhood, Pearson Publishing.

Designed for early childhood education programs that have either a mandatory science and/or math methods requirement or those that integrate science and/or math into their overall curriculum. Experiencing Science and Math in Early Childhood is an accessibly-written textbook that demonstrates how educators can set up Early Childhood environments so that children will interact and experiment with everyday objects as tools to learn about science and math. Lots of great science and math activities are provided.

The Emerging Educator: Working in early childhood settings, Nelson Publishing.

This is an introductory textbook for those wanting to work in the field of early childhood in Canada. It describes basic theories of early childhood education, Canadian policies and regulations, as well as foundational practices in the field.

Moving to Learn: A guide to psychomotor development in early childhood.  Harcourt Brace.

This book describes the foundations of motor development from infancy to school age. Chapters include relevant movement activities for each age group to help promote large motor and fine motor skills. The work also explains how to promote thinking and cognitive development through movement.